Work From Home Tips

Work From Home Tips

Are you tired of it? Tired of working from home and having your entire “office” life taken away from you? We totally understand. As the Coronavirus swept through the United States, changing what our daily lives looked like, many Americans have had to adjust to the “new normal.” Below, Interactive Resources have come up with some essential tips to surviving and thriving during your work from home venture. Together, we can get through these weird times. 

Stick to a Routine 

Sounds simple, right? But sticking to your routine is commonly ignored when you are not in your normal work environment. Plan your day. Have a planner or note pad with everything you want to accomplish that day. Routines can help you stay accountable and organized when you are in an environment where you normally aren’t working. Working with a spouse, partner, or roommate can throw a wrench in your routine. 

New “Coworkers” 

Are you working with a spouse, partner, and maybe even your kids? This can be quite the adjustment. Juggling work tasks, homeschooling, and taking turns in your home office is not normal. Don’t be hard on yourself if this is what your days have been looking like. Start by setting expectations. If you have a partner at home, communicate your schedules, and take turns with assisting the children with their virtual learning. Prioritizing a schedule for all of the family members will help to keep the day on the right track. 

Create a Work Environment 

Unless you were able to take your desk home, you most likely don’t have near the amount of space you are used to. Setting aside a designated place where you can “turn on” and “turn off” work is great with setting boundaries. If you don’t have an office per se, no worries. You can set up a desk or even work from a table in your house. Making your bed and cleaning up your space will help you stay motivated. It’s tempting to slump back into bed, but having an “office” space will help avoid those urges. 

Exercise and Take Breaks 

This next tip is very important for your mental and physical health. Take that coffee break, take that lunch break, and take that “walk around the office break.” Just because you are home doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some “you” time. Getting fresh air can help with the flow of ideas and can give you the mental reset you just might need. 

Maintain a Positive Attitude 

Finally, the iR team wants to make sure you are doing well. Living life in isolation can be hard but with a positive attitude, you can prevail. Keep in contact with your co-workers, friends, and family. You can also join webinars to meet new people and learn new things. This is a great outlet to meet people in your industry and invite friends to join in with you. 


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