What to Wear to an Interview

What to Wear to an Interview

Prepping for an interview can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming at times. Making an impact and sharing your special attributes during an interview are essential. But, your overall appearance is also vital. Will Rogers once said, “you never have a second chance to make a first impression.” Interactive Resources (iR) is here to help you rock your interview with these tips on what to wear to an interview. 

Men’s Attire 

Gentlemen, this section is just for you. When it comes to dressing for an interview these are the essentials you need. Avoid denim, shorts, athletic shorts, and athletic pants. Slacks in a black, tan, or navy shade are a good start to your look. A nice button-down dress shirt can pull the look together in no time. Don’t forget a belt. If you are wearing a brown belt go with brown shoes as well. With a black belt, you would then wear black shoes. Avoid printed ties or shirts because this can be distracting. Sticking with neutrals like blues, beige, whites, and creams is recommended and looks the most professional. 

Women’s Attire 

If we can give you ladies any advice it would be, comfortable shoes. Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable shoe or high heel that is hard to walk in. Not only are you going to be worrying about tripping, but you might also be invited on a tour of the office. Choose a nice dressy flat or sandal that has a backing to it. When it comes to clothing avoid short hems and plunging necklines. A nice dress or skirt-and-shirt combo is a great start. You could also pair your top with a pair of dress slacks. Avoid denim, shorts, and leggings. 

Men’s Hair 

Hair and grooming is an essential part of your attire when you go to an interview. Men, if you have long hair that is past shoulder length, it’s suggested to pull it back. Having your hair out of your face will open up your face and distractions from your hair will be eliminated. You can keep your facial hair, but make sure it is trimmed and groomed nicely.  

Women’s Hair 

Ladies, keeping your hair professional and out of your face is a great start to your interview look. Whether you wear it up or down, we suggest that it’s out of your face. The day of your interview is not the day you should test out a new hairstyle. Something simple and classic like a sleek bun or half up half down style is a great start. 


When it comes to accessorizing, less is more. For women, try to avoid loud and chunky jewelry. Wearing such jewelry could cause a distraction during the interview process. If you have facial piercings, we suggest you remove them or put in clear alternatives. This will help the interviewer focus more on your one-on-one conversation. Ladies, we suggest small studs and dainty jewelry to complement your outfit. 

Men, if you have facial piercings, the same goes for you. We suggest you remove them or put them in a clear alternative. If you wear a watch, go ahead and wear it. Just make sure any of the alarms are turned off. If you wear a smartwatch, turn off all app notifications so you will not be distracted.

Tips from the Professionals

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Tabatha Castanho, works out of our Jacksonville, Fla office. Talented and dedicated to her craft, Tabatha shared her top tips for succeeding during the interview process. Check them out below! 


  • Dress up! It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed
  • Think of three questions you can ask your interviewer, even if you know the answer
  • Prior to your interview research the company and know their background, core values, etc. 


  • Don’t be the first one to bring up the salary
  • Don’t dress down
  • Don’t allow for the interview to be one-sided
  • Avoid speaking badly about previous employers/companies you worked for previously 


Bonus Items 

Want to really make an impact on your interviewer? We have some bonus tips just for you. Be sure to print out your resume, cover letter, and any other essential materials to bring with you to your interview. Bringing multiple copies to pass out to people you meet makes an impact. Finally, sending a handwritten thank-you note the next day expressing your gratitude for the interviewer’s time is always a nice touch. 

All in all, we want you to feel your best. When you are confident, the people who are interviewing you can feel that energy as well. These tips are here to guide you through the first impression process so you can make a lasting impact! 


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