What is Recruiting and Who are Recruiters? 

What is Recruiting and Who are Recruiters? 

It’s often thought and said that recruiters are the bridge between you and your dream job. The truth is, recruiters are advisors and career counselors who work for you and their clients. Most prospects have the tools and talents, recruiters are here to compliment them with their next career opportunity. 

Interactive Resources and our team makes it our job to listen and find out the true motivation for making a career move. Oftentimes, candidates make a move due to; work environment, compensation, lack of challenge, etc. Again, our team of talented talent acquisition specialists is here to advise you. If certain motivators take precedence over others, it’s extremely important to have that discussion in the beginning as it builds trust and transparency not only between the recruiter/candidate but the recruiter/client/candidate.

The recruiter process can be thorough and this has to do more so with getting to know each other and building a relationship, one of the pillars of our company. So “What is Recruiting and Who are Recruiters?” you may ask. Below we have additional information and what to expect when working with a recruiter.

Current Situation

You probably know if you’re open to another job or not. But particularly if you’re not actively looking, it might be tempting to turn the recruiter away. “I don’t have time.” “I just started a big project.” “A promotion is right around the corner.” Don’t be so quick to shut it down. Think about your future career path with your current company, how your salary compares the market, and whether your work is fulfilling. Even if the recruiter’s opportunity doesn’t sound perfect, you never know what future opportunities may arise. So, keep the door open. It’s worth a conversation at least.


You should expect your conversation with the recruiter to gather more details about the opportunity (particularly if it’s not publicly advertised) but inform yourself before returning the recruiter’s outreach. Do a search for the recruiter on LinkedIn (and other social networking sites) and review their profile. Notice what company they’re working for (whether it’s the hiring company or a third-party recruitment agency) and if they have any role type information in their summary. This will give you a jump start on getting informed for a more formal conversation with the recruiter. 

Respond Timely – And Honestly to your Recruiter

When the recruiter reaches out, be sure you return the call or email in a timely manner. Don’t sit on the prospect for a week. The recruiter is trying to line up candidates for their company or client and usually have a timeline they’re working with. And don’t waste their time by skirting around the truth regarding your interest in the role. The recruiter reached out, but you still must show your excitement for the opportunity. If you don’t, someone else will – and they’ll get passed through to the next stage. At the same time, if the role is not for you, don’t string the recruiter along. That’s a surefire way to burn a bridge. In addition to timely and honest communication, here are some more tips:

  • Use the method of communication the recruiter asks you to use to reach back out. If they call, it’s probably a callback. If it’s an email, start composing.
  • Thank the recruiter for taking the time to reach out to you. Show them you appreciate the opportunity.
  • Ask the recruiter how they found you and what caught their attention (if their correspondence didn’t already state this). This is particularly helpful information if you are an active job seeker.
  • Hear what the recruiter has to say. There may be multiple opportunities on the table or they may know of something coming down the pipeline.
  • Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask for more detail about the role requirements, job tasks, and company culture. Gather any information you need to make an informed decision.
  • If you’re not interested, provide the names of professional contacts you think may consider the opportunity. Both parties will thank you.

Our Team of Professional Recruiters 

When I first transitioned into recruiting, it was never about money, it was always about making a difference and advising those that trust you towards the right career path,” said Hedi Fazai, national market director at Interactive Resources. The Interactive Resources team dedicates their time and talents towards building relationships, finding great talent, and bringing superior results to the table. Working with a recruiter provides many benefits but the biggest one is trust! Explore more about Interactive Resources and our team here. Let us help you find your dream job.