The Job You Love Awaits

The Job You Love Awaits

Creating a team that is filled with qualified and talented individuals requires time and dedication and with help from iR, those stresses are eliminated. Founded in 2006, our company was built on three core values: relationships, talent, results. These values continue to be at the center of our company’s heart.

“While Interactive Resources was in its formative years, I made it my mission to build the company off of creativity and innovation to ensure it would have a strong foundation for years to come. Your reputation is more paramount than your paycheck and this is where relationships, talent, and results were born. Integrity over everything,” says Bryan Carter, Founder, and CEO of Interactive Resources.

At Interactive Resources, the job seekers and employers we help are not to-dos on a checklist, they are people we become invested in. Relationships are everything to us and we look forward to starting one with you. We hire the best people, so they can help you find the best jobs and talent! We cultivate our team members’ unique strengths, so they are able to support you with everything they have got. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is a happy client. We go above and beyond to make sure each individual and company we work with loves the result of our efforts.


How We Make Hiring And Recruiting A Human Experience

As a whole, we want to make hiring a human experience, with rewarding results. At the end of the day, no one can help you find the best fit like a human being. As of 2013, we segmented our staffing into three different silos. Those silos include ProfessionalTechnical, and Industrial recruiting services. From call center roles to business analyst positions, and engineers, we have the resources and the talent to fill any position.


Helping Community Triumph Over COVID-19

The year 2020 has been a wild one for many of us. COVID-19 made a huge mark on many businesses and individuals and the virus continues to do so. At Interactive Resources (iR), we chose community over COVID-19 and made it our mission to help as much as we can. That’s why earlier this year, we took a collaborative approach and did a 180 with our marketing plan. In order to ensure we were sharing useful content that promotes a sense of strength and hope during hard times, we created iR Sessions, a place where conversations with people could continue going, virtually of course.

Community relationships keep our team members grounded and present in each city. Keeping industry conversations going and uniting each other via the internet is a big priority and with help from Pete CochraneiR Sessions was born. In its infancy, iR Sessions was an outlet to bring industries together during the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus. Now, it is a staple in our company that encourages people to stay connected, ask questions, and continue industry education.


Our iR Session topics range from week to week but have the same mission, keeping the conversation going. The Interactive Resources team dedicates their time and talents towards building relationships, finding great talent, and bringing superior results to the table. Working with a recruiter provides many benefits but the biggest one is trust! Explore more about Interactive Resources and our team here. Let us help you find your dream job. Community over COVID-19 is and will continue to be our mission as we all navigate the new normal.

Searching for a job is a full-time job. Interactive Resources and our team of talented professionals make finding a job a reality. Whether you are looking to fill a position on your team or looking to take that step into a bigger career role, Interactive Resources does it all.

Search by location, industry, or working preference, and when you find something you love, we will happily answer questions and share info on the role and company. Spread out throughout the entire continental United States our headquarters is located in Jacksonville, Fla. As you move west on the map you will find us in Nashville, TN, Austin, TX, Denver, CO, and finally Orange County, CA.