Succeeding with ADHD

Succeeding with ADHD

On the morning of Tuesday, September 1, the Interactive Resources team was virtually interviewed by WJXT River City Live. Partner of iR, Pete Cochrane, was joined with host Mark Payton. The topic of discussion of the interview was Succeeding with ADHD in the Workplace and how to cope with the tendencies that are associated with the disorder.

Take a look at the interview below.

What to Expect

The things that make us different are also often a potential advantage. People with conditions like ADHD must overcome challenges to conform and, in the process, often develop skills that make them exceptional leaders and entrepreneurs. In this upcoming session, we will explore how many of the most successful have turned these tendencies into an advantage and how viewers can do the same, regardless of his/her diagnosis. This presentation is based on extensive research as well as personal experience from our special guest, Gaines Kergosien. It is focused on techniques that, while they were developed as coping mechanisms, can be used by anyone with the desire to excel at achieving their goals.

On Wednesday, September 9, the Succeeding with ADHD iR Session was presented and we saved the webinar and uploaded it to our YouTube channel.

Take a look at the completed iR Session below.

End of Session Q&A below.

How iR Can Help

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