Recruiting FAQs 

Recruiting FAQs 

Recruitment or recruiting refers to the process of searching, identifying, screening, and interviewing suitable candidates for jobs within an organization. In this blog, we answer some of the top frequently asked questions (FAQs) in the recruitment field to clear up some of the confusion when it comes to the recruiting process and who recruiters are. 

What is a recruiting agency? 

Recruitment agencies are organizations or firms that find qualified candidates for other employers. These agencies are often asked by employers to find candidates for open roles within their companies. This saves the organization time and money as they have access to a team of hiring professionals that have the software and connections to fill the role.

The hiring process can take quite a bit of time and oftentimes organizations don’t have that time or the resources to partake in the process. A recruiting agency is there to expedite the process and deliver the most qualified candidate for the job at hand. 

What does a recruiter do? 

Oftentimes when a candidate receives an inquiry from a recruiter there is a sense of confusion that arises. This confusion is threefold. Who is this person reaching out to me? Why are they reaching out to me? And, am I interviewing for a job with them or someone else? 

A recruiter finds qualified individuals for a job opening that they are recruiting for. The search begins to meet the demands of the employer, ensuring that they find the perfect person for said role. A successful recruiter makes it a goal to create a relationship with the candidates and hiring managers to ensure a smooth process that is built on trust. 

Recruiters at Interactive Resources help with: 

  • Perfecting people’s resumes 
  • Preparation for interviews 
  • Answer questions regarding the role at hand 
  • Manage salary/hourly negotiations 
  • Deliver an exceptional candidate experience 
  • Guide candidates through onboarding to ensure the new hire is ready and able for their new position 

What is talent acquisition? 

Talent acquisition is the organizational task of finding the right person for the job, says LinkedIn. Much like this definition, the team at Interactive Resources does just that. Between sourcing, attracting, interviewing, and hiring, talent acquisition specialists check all of these boxes. 

 Talent acquisition is unique in the way that it is run as an overall business that factors into an organization’s long-term goals. Interactive Resources and our employees acknowledge that good talent (candidates) can play an integral part in a company’s success. With that said, the talent acquisition process is a special process that we do not take lightly. Instead of filling roles and moving on, our team members embark on a process that brings qualified candidates for high-level positions including leadership roles or roles that require specialized training. 

How do I connect with a recruiter? 

Connecting with a recruiter is simple. A great place to start is on LinkedIn or a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Searching for “recruiting agencies near me” can give you an immediate look at recruiting agencies that are located in your area or areas you are looking to work in. Most recruiting websites will have a job searching page and there is where you will find the active roles that they are recruiting for. 

You can also search for about pages or meet the team pages on recruiting websites and can further explore their staff from there. Oftentimes you will see either contact information to reach out to the recruiter directly, or you can search their name in LinkedIn and message them through that platform. 

What does iR offer? 

Searching for a job is a full-time job and that is where we come in. Whether you run a business and are looking to fill a role or you are looking to make a pivot on your career path we are here to help. Search by location, industry, or working preference, and when you find something you love, we will happily answer questions and share info on the role and company. Spread out throughout the entire continental United States our headquarters is located in Jacksonville, Fla. As you move west on the map you will find us in Austin, TX, Denver, CO, and finally Orange County, CA.