Job Searching During A Pandemic

Job Searching During A Pandemic

The year 2020 has thrown quite the curveball at us all. The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected people in more ways than one. Most recently, 6.6 million Americans have filed unemployment claims in the week ending on April 4. This number has increased from 3.3 million and 6.9 million in the two previous weeks, according to the U.S. Department of Labor

Job searching during a pandemic adds challenges to a process that can already be sometimes tricky. Starting a new job and career should be an exciting time. This new chapter for you doesn’t have to be put on hold. Explore how you can accomplish job searching during a pandemic in our latest blog. 

Build Your Resume 

Your resume now more than ever has to be on point. Now that everything is virtual, your resume should have no holes in it. Whoever is looking at your resume should know who you are in and out. By one glance at the document, your skills and attributes should be displayed. 

Interactive Resources is here to help you flourish in the job market. We have tips on how you can create a flawless resume. This one to two-page document should give your potential employer a look into your world. From education to work experience, this document will outline who you are in the workplace. 

Be Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform to start your job search. Being active on LinkedIn is a great idea when it comes to standing out in the workplace. Now that job searching and interviewing are mainly all virtual, potential employers will be searching for you on social platforms if you apply to one of their job postings. Having a LinkedIn that is filled out properly and represents you well as a professional will boost your chances of standing out. 

Join Webinars 

We have one word for you: webinar. Webinars are booming in today’s society as in-person events are being canceled and postponed. A great way to explore different work fields and companies is to research if they are doing any online events. This can give you a look into their work culture. Getting this behind the scenes access will be a great way for you to get to know the company you are applying to work for. 

iR has an entire lineup of webinars that we will be hosting now into the beginning of May. Add these events to your calendar today! 

Search Job Boards 

Job boards are an essential part of searching for the role of your dreams. With tools like location searching and job title searching, you can find the role you are looking for in minutes. iR has a job section on our website, making it easy for you to search for jobs in your area. Check out all of the current roles we are hiring for at the moment:

How We Can Help

Interactive Resources wants to help you. We post often on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, providing tools and job updates for our followers. Get in touch with our team of talented recruiters and start your career today! 

Searching for a job is a fulltime job. That is where iR comes in! Let us help you find the job you love. Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms to stay in touch with new job openings, industry news, and job preparation.