Hiring With A Staffing Agency

Hiring With A Staffing Agency

Creating a strong and dedicated team is the foundation of a successful business. The process of creating that team doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you are hiring with a staffing agency. Lucky for you, you’re in the right spot! 

Staffing has been around for decades and in recent years, more and more staffing companies have popped up in our communities. To try and make a positive impact in our ever-changing job market, recruiters are searching for the best.“Some will say that the staffing industry has become commoditized and in some instances that may be true. Interactive Resources (iR) has been ahead of the curve with working with clients to understand deeper business challenges and getting creative with staffing talent,” said Senior IT Business Development Executive, Tim Bromley.

The talent shortage is at its peak in many industries, especially in the IT field. This is where the professionals step in. Here we have outlined why hiring with a staffing agency is so beneficial in today’s world.  

Get What You Need, Your Way

iR has continued to bridge the gap between clients and candidates since our infancy in 2005. As a company, we’re able to be flexible in our approach and creative while doing so. “So what are you looking for?” This is a question to ask when hiring for a new role at your company. Staffing agencies like iR do the heavy lifting to help you get exactly what you need to fill the void in your business. The goal of hiring a staffing agency is to get exactly what you need, your way. Our team of experts is here to do just that. 

The job seekers and employers we help aren’t to-dos on a checklist, they’re people we become invested in. Relationships are everything to us and we look forward to starting one with you. Are you ready to get what you need?

Move Forward Quickly

Our approach is agile, without extra layers to slow us down or increase your cost. If you have a role you need to fill, it most likely needs to be done in a timely manner. iR has a large team of professionals across the country working hard for you. From Jacksonville, FL, to Nashville, TN, to Austin, TX, to Denver, CO, and Orange County, CA we have our bases covered. We screen candidates thoroughly, engaging industry experts to vet candidates on your behalf. While we search for the perfect candidate, screen them and review their resumes, you are able to go about your daily routine with no interruptions. We want you to be able to move forward quickly and by screening each candidate we find, you’re able to do just that with our help. 

Find Top Talent

We go beyond job boards, databases, and LinkedIn to return passive candidates. As a company, iR hires the best people, so they can help you find the best jobs and talent. We cultivate our team members’ unique strengths, so they’re able to support you with everything they’ve got. Leave it to the experts to help you build the team of your dreams, filled with top talent. 

Hire with Confidence

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is a happy client. We go above and beyond to make sure each individual and company we work with love the result of our efforts. Staffing agencies like iR are experts in the field and can provide meaningful data on the job market, identifying candidates quickly based upon job requirements. Overall, there are many pros to using a staffing agency and if it fits your business needs, we would love to hear from you! 

iR stands out in our communities due to the passion and drive we all have to make a positive change in someone’s life and to have an impact on our client’s business goals. It’s amazing to see the long-standing relationships that we have with our clients and placements, and we truly feel that relationships matter in this business. 


Searching for a job is a fulltime job. That is where iR comes in! Let us help you find the job you love. Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms to stay in touch with new job openings, industry news, and job preparation.