2021 Pack Expo

Are you expanding? Building a new line? A new plant? Bringing on new clients? iR Industrial can help! Resources, especially Human Resources, are one of the most high-priced investments for a firm. Efficient resource management includes smart resource planning, appropriate scheduling, and ensuring employee engagement and satisfaction levels for a healthy business environment. That’s where we come in! Connect with us at Pack Expo to learn more about our services.


Welcome Steve Van Casteren 

Interactive Resources (iR) is excited to announce our new Director of Talent Development, Steve Van Casteren

Steve has over 15 years of staffing experience with expertise in recruiting, sales, delivery management, and market leadership. “I’ve had the unique opportunity to occupy a seat in each of those roles which allowed me to leverage my strengths and combine them with my industry knowledge which includes hiring, training, coaching, mentoring, and developing the careers of recruiters and sales professionals,” said Van Casteren. 


4 Reasons your Business needs a Staffing Agency 

Interactive Resources is filled with relentless experts that are intuitive and ready to serve. For organizations looking to fill a distinctive part of their team, our rapport stands as proof that we are the perfect partner. Specializing in a multitude of fields, our team spans from east to west ensuring all job markets get the recruiting services they deserve.  (more…)

Welcome Katherine Morales 

Interactive Resources (iR) is excited to announce our new Strategic Sales Director, Katherine Morales, starting March 1, 2021. 

Katherine Morales is a graduate of Arizona State University where she majored in Business Marketing and acquired a double minor in Communications and Mass Communications. With over 14 years in the industry, Katherine brings a plethora of expertise and drive to this new position. 


Recruiting FAQs 

Recruitment or recruiting refers to the process of searching, identifying, screening, and interviewing suitable candidates for jobs within an organization. In this blog, we answer some of the top frequently asked questions (FAQs) in the recruitment field to clear up some of the confusion when it comes to the recruiting process and who recruiters are. 


Feeding Northeast Florida Volunteer Event

On Tuesday, November 10, members from the Interactive Resources Jacksonville office attended a Feeding Northeast Florida food sorting volunteer event.

The smiles, through our masks, were ongoing throughout the entire event. Thank you to all of the staff members at Feeding NEFL for guiding us through the process and for serving the Jacksonville community day after day.

For more information on Feeding NEFL and how you can help in your community visit


The Job You Love Awaits

Creating a team that is filled with qualified and talented individuals requires time and dedication and with help from iR, those stresses are eliminated. Founded in 2006, our company was built on three core values: relationships, talent, results. These values continue to be at the center of our company’s heart.

“While Interactive Resources was in its formative years, I made it my mission to build the company off of creativity and innovation to ensure it would have a strong foundation for years to come. Your reputation is more paramount than your paycheck and this is where relationships, talent, and results were born. Integrity over everything,” says Bryan Carter, Founder, and CEO of Interactive Resources.


What is Recruiting and Who are Recruiters? 

It’s often thought and said that recruiters are the bridge between you and your dream job. The truth is, recruiters are advisors and career counselors who work for you and their clients. Most prospects have the tools and talents, recruiters are here to compliment them with their next career opportunity. 

Interactive Resources and our team makes it our job to listen and find out the true motivation for making a career move. Oftentimes, candidates make a move due to; work environment, compensation, lack of challenge, etc. Again, our team of talented talent acquisition specialists is here to advise you. If certain motivators take precedence over others, it’s extremely important to have that discussion in the beginning as it builds trust and transparency not only between the recruiter/candidate but the recruiter/client/candidate.


Succeeding with ADHD

On the morning of Tuesday, September 1, the Interactive Resources team was virtually interviewed by WJXT River City Live. Partner of iR, Pete Cochrane, was joined with host Mark Payton. The topic of discussion of the interview was Succeeding with ADHD in the Workplace and how to cope with the tendencies that are associated with the disorder.


Next Steps After College

Can you hear it? The graduation march in your head. Congratulations, you did it! 2020 graduations are looking a little different this year as spring graduations were postponed to August, etc. due to COVID-19. Whether your degree was achieved online, in person or you walked across the stage or had a Zoom ceremony, you should be proud of your accomplishments. “Now what?” you may ask. When it comes to the next steps after college the list can go on and on. Below you can get the gist of what you should be focusing on post-college graduation.  (more…)